Projects & Examples

Over our 40 years trading as a company we have provided services to many happy customers, below are a select few previous projects:


We provided a complete installation of a factory. We took it from a bare warehouse through to a fully installed factory, everything from switch gear for machinery through to the lighting.


We work for many companies, predominantly within the electrical engineering division, but also chemicals, printing, flexographics and the food industry


Turnkey projects for the likes of Burton’s Biscuits in Blackpool to the value of £1.75 million.

Decommissioning of power stations all over the UK.


Experience of screen plant machinery and involvement in the building of the M25 motorway in London.

New 12 way MCC panel-board installed to give supply capabilities to 6 new sub-boards through MCCB protection because existing switchgear (as pictured below) and accessories are unavailable, the supply capabilities was 800 amps per phase.

Existing 800 amp switchgear which was feeding a large engineering complex, unfortunately now unavailable accessories, which meant the reinstallation of the new 12 way MCCB control panel as shown above.

Local printing company required existing supply fuse-boards relocating because of rearrangement of the workshop, installed was two 8 way Hayger fuse-boards, one was a power-board supply capability for machinery and the like and one was a lighting board for all lighting circuits and all low current equipment. All work was carried out to current regulations and all certificates provided.

Herbert Lathe, drive motor has copper rods on the rotor which have been blown apart causing the motor to fail, this motor is used for variable speeds and also has a braking mechanism on it which is through the rota unfortunately due to old age the rota bars were blown apart so the motor had to be totally stripped down and rebuilt, electrically and mechanical wise. Picture shown is previous diagram to motor being rebuilt and below is completely rebuilt and in position.

Control panel for the above mentioned lathe which had many damaged contact points on it which all had to be stripped down and repaired, it was decided to overhaul and repair this control panel as a new panel could have cost in the region of £12,000 whereas the work we carried out was very minimal in comparison, drawing below shows previous contact points and repaired contact points.

Picture shown is control circuits related to starting the motor up at contact points and the amount of damage caused over the years to each contact point.

Picture shown is contact points which have been removed and tidied up with the use of files and grinding equipment as required.

Front view of control panel showing repaired contact points for above mentioned lathe which runs into stardelta for running and also has a braking mechanism to be engaged to reverse two phases which then puts excessive load on the rota, on completion all was satisfactory and working.

Complete rebuilt motor in situ and all working satisfactory, all work was carried out for an engineering company as required.

Pictures below is the screen plant equipment during the construction of the M25 motorway, from Egham and Cobham in London. Sifting out rocks and sand for the base of the motorway.

Control Panel on site, preparations being made for screen plant.

Screen plant being moved into position.

Screen plant into position, being wired up with star delta motors.

Plant in running position and in working condition.